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Siding – Bold Trim Choices

Choosing the right Siding – James Hardie’s collection of trim shades. If you stop to peruse neighborhood homes, you’ll likely notice many with white trim accentuating the doors, windows and corners. It’s not only popular, but it can add a freshness that many homeowners seek. We love the look of white trim but wanted to […]

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Go Classic Siding Color: Khaki Brown

The James Hardie® ColorPlus® Technology color, Khaki Brown, evokes the feeling of comfort. When the Khaki Brown siding color is paired up with different accent hues, it takes on a totally different look. Try it with James Hardie Heathered Moss for a woodsy look, with Hardie Countrylane Red Color for an Americana feel, or with […]

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Customize Your Home – James Hardie Products

If you’re planning a major home renovation or building a new place just for you, products from James Hardie are a must-see! No matter your color or trim preferences, the designs and trim styles available from this recognized leader of world class siding and trim products will show you products and combinations you never knew […]

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Home Exterior Sidings

Choosing the siding for a hоmе iѕ a ‘once in a lifе-timе’ choice that will keep thе home looking gооd for a long timе. There are many reasons why you may choose to install new exterior siding for your home. In most cases, homeowners are looking to replace old or worn siding to enhance the […]


Why LP Smartside Siding..

Why LP Smartside Siding and Trim should be installed on your home. It is important to know that the most popular siding used by many people around the US is made from fiber cement; however, the fact that fiber cement is considered highly effective, the LP Smartside Siding is one of the best materials you can […]

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Why James Hardie Products

James Hardie is a global manufacturer of fiber cement siding and interior products with operations across the United States.   Hardie Siding James Hardie Fiber Cement Siding Is the number one brand of siding for your home. This product has one of the best reputations for its amazing quality and characteristics. Many homeowners have recommended […]

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Windows by Beechworth

Premium Quality Windows by Beechworth It’s important to know that Windows with great quality will always make your home looks awesome, give you a peace of mind for its durability, and can provide a lot of benefits ranging from aesthetics to protection against adverse weather condition. If you’re a manufacturer and your products are good, […]