Why We Love Fiberglass Windows, And You Should Too!

fiberglass window installation with Beechworth fiberglass windows

If you’re thinking of installing new windows in your home, it can be an overwhelming task to decide which kind and what brand to install.

Not only are there different kinds of windows, but there are many brands too. In this article, we will explain why Fiberglass Windows offer great advantages and could be the perfect choice for your home.

Fiberglass Windows Offer Many Advantages Over Vinyl

If your budget allows it, experts say that fiberglass windows are a better alternative than vinyl ones. Like vinyl, fiberglass lacks the natural aesthetics of wood, but also like vinyl, the trade-off is a replacement window that’s virtually maintenance-free.

In addition, fiberglass windows — especially those with insulating material packed inside their hollow core — insulate extremely well.

Fiberglass Windows Are Much Stronger And More Durable Than Vinyl Windows

Some experts say that fiberglass windows can last as much as 8X longer than vinyl windows. Because they are 8X stronger overall, this means they are able to withstand extreme temperature changes and are perfectly suited for a wide range of building structures, from residential homes to commercial buildings.

Fiberglass windows are manufactured using a “thermoset” process meaning they use a curing process that causes the plastics polymers to cross-link together to form an irreversible chemical bond. This means fiberglass material can never be softened again even under conditions of extreme summer heat. The thermoset process is far superior to the manufacture of vinyl where the curing process is completely reversible and no chemical bonding takes place.

Although vinyl windows can start out strong, they are susceptible to more wear and tear. Throughout the seasons vinyl material can shrink and expand, causing structural weakness which degrades the vinyl window over time. This does not happen with fiberglass windows.

Fiberglass Windows Are Paintable Whereas Vinyl Windows Are Not

Vinyl windows are available in a range of colors and sizes, however once installed, they are not suitable for painting. Fiberglass windows on the other hand are completely paintable.

Another issue is that over time vinyl can lose its sheen and develop a dull, chalky appearance. This does not occur with fiberglass.

On the downside fiberglass windows can cost a bit more, but considering the long lifespan of the product, the flexibility in window design and paintability of the window frame, the benefits can far outweigh any additional cost.

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  1. Rob Zbilski says:

    We installed Beechworth windows about 6 years ago on our ranch style house in Naperville. We have cold winters and hot summers. They seemed to be nice windows.

  2. Martin says:

    I would highly recommend fiberglass windows! Investing in new windows for your home is not something to take lightly but….I’ve got nothing but good results. Beechworth Windows in an excellent option for very high performance windows. I currently have these windows in my house.

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