All about James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding has established itself as one of the best fiber cement siding in the country. Due to its long-term durability and fantastic good look, about 15% of all new homes in the country use fiber cement sliding. In just under 30 years since its introduction, fiber cement siding has become very popular.

Composition of Fiber Cement Siding.

Fiber cement siding is composed of two essential elements, which are silica or fly ash and cellulose. The cellulose, wood pulp, delivers elasticity, pliability and flexibility; and the silica operates as the filler. Portland cement keeps these elements together.

The best fiber cement siding around now would be the James Hardie siding. In fact, it is North America’s number one fiber cement and has been installed in over 8 million homes. James Hardie siding is well known for its durability and allows homeowners live in confidence knowing fully well that their house could last for years to come.

How James Hardie Siding Came to Be.

Fiber cement sliding began producing in the 19th century. Sometime around 1888, James Hardie immigrated to Australia from Scotland and began his own import business. While the name is attributed to the James Hardie, the illustrious is really controlled by the Reid family. This change in ownership occurred in 1991, when Hardie, on retiring, sold his share of the business to his partner Andre Reid.

The James Hardie Industries LLC has since then gone public and has its stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The James Hardie siding in particular is hugely patronised in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The James Hardie Corporation pulls in revenue of over $1.5billion. It currently employs at least 2050 people.

James Hardie Siding Types

One thing that has made James Hardie building products stand out is the company’s ability to manufacture varieties of siding styles. This makes it easy for homeowners to make better siding selections that best fit their homes’ architectural style. Here are some James Harding siding options:

  1. HardiePlank: Perhaps the most traditional of Harding sidings, this siding is elegant and durable. It is so timeless that it is, in fact, James Hardie’s best seller. The standard HardiePlank board is 5/16-inch thick, 8.25 inches wide and 144 inches wide. It comes in four varieties: Smooth, Beaded Smooth, Cedarmill and Beaded Cedarmill.
  2. HardieShingle: Has a heightened cedar shingle appearance and is the best choice for houses in Cape Cod
  3. HardiePanel: Often combined with HardiePlank, the HardiePanel has clean and crisp lines that have a striking appearance without being too flashy.
  4. Artisan: As the name implies, the Artisan collection is a crafty siding that delivers a captivating 3D look to your home.

James Hardie Siding vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is a traditional tough and flexible plastic traditionally used for floor coverings. But James Hardie Siding beats it with a couple of important features.

  • James Harding siding, being wood, has better aesthetics and texture than Vinyl
  • Fiber cement siding are not inflammable, whereas plastic vinyl is.
  • Vinyl isn’t technically a sustainable product. Its PVC resin isn’t environmentally friendly.
  • Vinyl is susceptible to cracks and holes.
  • Vinyl siding is also prone to noticeable expansion and contraction.
  • James Hardie siding is significantly less sensitive to temperature changes than Vinyl.
  • Fiber cement siding can resist severe thunderstorms and violent blizzards whereas vinyl succumbs to high winds.
  • Vinyl is known to retain moisture which can lead to rotting or mold.
  • You save maintenance and repair costs when you use James Hardie siding.

Benefits of James Hardie Siding

Asides the aforementioned benefits that come with choosing James Hardie Siding over Vinyl, this trademarked fiber cement siding has more advantages like:

  1. James Hardie Siding is thick and damage resistant
  2. Flexible enough to allow stylish embossing
  3. Little or no cost is expended on maintenance
  4. It is generally more sustainable.
  5. Offers lengthy manufacturer warranties (30 year)
  6. Has the best return on investment (ROI) of sidings around. (about 75% resale value)


An investment in James Hardie siding is a lifetime investment. It is so durable that it can be resold at a high price. Also, it can stand up to any weather condition be it from heat waves of the summer sun or arctic blasts from Canada. It is however important that you install your James Hardie siding properly. You get the best value for money when you hand over installation to a professional contractor.

One more thing, although James Hardie sidings are a minimal maintenance product, you could occasionally wash away dust and dirt off it with a garden hose.

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Mark and his team did a terrific job and I could not be more pleased with the final work! Throughout whole siding installation process I was kept well informed about the progress and what will be next steps in the process. I'm living in Arlington Heights and anyone who is looking for great siding contractor can stop by my house and check their amazing work. I also plan on hiring them again for another siding project. That would be my parent's home. 🙂

Jessica D.

I researched over 30 companies, and had 5 come out to my house to give me estimates to install new vinyl siding. I ended up going with Smardbuild, and I am very happy that I did. They showed up on time, and finished the entire job within a week. And the quality of the work is the best part. They are perfectionists! I have never seen attention to detail like this. They even went above and beyond the job requirements. They installed aluminum flashing around my sliding glass door to make it look nicer, and that was not even part of the job. And to top it off, they installed 2 new wall lanterns that I bought at Home Depot. 

Tim H.

We used Mark and his Smardbuild team to replace our roof, soffits, fascia, siding, upstairs windows, gutters and front door. All work performed is top notch. We went with Hardie soffits and fascia since we had prior issues with carpenter bees drilling holes in our old, wooden soffits. In my opinion Smardbuild is the best with Hardie products. Everything looks great. It took us a while to finally settle on a color for the siding and Smardbuild was quite patient with our process. After having issues with contractors in the past, it was refreshing to work with such a professional team that actually cares about the quality of their work. Thanks Smardbuild.

Peter P.

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