How to Avoid Extra Costs During Your Chicago Area Exterior Remodel

Thinking about revamping your Addison, Naperville, or Arlington Heights home but worried about spiraling costs and endless decisions? You're not alone. In the following guide, we'll dive into the smart strategies that savvy homeowners use to navigate the remodeling process, from choosing the right time of year to kick off your project to selecting materials that blend quality with cost-efficiency. Get ready to discover how setting a clear budget, doing thorough research, and making informed choices can transform your home remodel from a daunting task into an exciting adventure.

Avoid Extra Costs Exterior Remodeling in Chicago

How to Avoid Extra Costs and Keep Your Project Within Your Budget

No one wants to pay more than they signed on for, so we're giving you the inside scoop on keeping added costs at bay for your exterior home remodel. 


1. Schedule for the Off-Season in Your Area

Scheduling your exterior remodel during the off-season in the Chicago area can lead to significant savings. Contractors often have more availability and may offer discounts during slower months. This strategy not only benefits your home exterior remodel cost but also ensures a more focused approach from your hired professionals. Additionally, off-season scheduling might provide a quicker project start date. Even if discounts aren't available, reducing the time of getting your remodel done sooner will give you peace of mind—an invaluable benefit!


2. Set Your Budget in Advance

Setting a clear budget in advance is crucial to avoid unexpected expenses. Factor in a contingency of around 10-20% for landscaping costs, purchases such as outdoor furnishings, and possible change orders if you decide to alter your design or make material changes. This foresight aids in managing the cost to remodel the exterior of your house effectively, preventing financial strain as the project progresses. Knowing your budget limits also helps in prioritizing your must-haves list over the nice-to-have list.


3. Do Your Research

Thorough research helps you understand the cost of various exterior remodeling projects, such as the siding costs per square foot and the average siding replacement cost, enabling you to set realistic expectations. Thorough research also allows you to identify the best siding company and exterior remodeling company in Naperville. This ensures that you get quality service that's worth every penny and avoid repairs to your exterior remodel that were done by a less experienced company. 


4. Hire a James Hardie Siding Professional to Ensure Proper Installation

Hiring a certified James Hardie siding professional guarantees your siding is installed correctly, which is crucial for its longevity and for protecting your home's structural integrity. This expertise not only protects your investment but also enhances your home's curb appeal and value. Certified installers also provide valuable warranties on both materials and labor.


5. Use Top of the Line Products

Investing in high-quality materials like James Hardie siding pays off in the long run by minimizing siding replacement costs due to their durability. Unlike the cheapest siding for a house, top-of-the-line products resist wear and tear, ensuring your home remains beautiful for many more years. Another monetary benefit is that higher-quality materials also contribute to your home's overall energy efficiency.


6. Don't Request Change Orders

Change orders can significantly inflate your project's cost. Sticking to your original plan helps keep your cost to replace siding and other exterior home updates within budget, ensuring a smooth and cost-effective remodeling process. Additionally, avoiding change orders maintains the project timeline, preventing delays. This is another reason why doing your homework to find an experienced and reputable exterior remodeler is crucial! Your initial design will reflect your vision from the start and result in a beautiful home remodeling project


7. Prepare Your Property for Access and Work

Preparing your property for the remodel can reduce labor costs and project time. Clearing the work area of obstacles ensures easy access for exterior remodeling and siding contractors, facilitating a quicker and more efficient installation process. This preparation also helps protect your landscaping and personal property from potential damage during the remodel, also saving costs.




What is a realistic budget for home renovation?

A realistic budget accounts for all aspects of the remodel, including labor costs, design, and materials. This is why doing your homework is imperative. For example, some exterior home remodelers may offer average exterior remodeling costs online and offer consultations to help you get a clearer picture of what you can expect to pay for your ideal exterior remodel. 
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Which exterior renovation adds the most value to a house?

The exterior remodeling projects with the highest return on investment (ROI) are:
  • Adding stone veneer
  • Garage door replacement
  • Replacing and expanding the front entry
  • Upgrading to fiber cement siding like James Hardie siding
  • Vinyl siding replacement

How can I save money on renovations?

This may seem counterintuitive, but the cheapest exterior home remodeler won't save you money. This is because, often, a cheaper bid on your remodel is based on only a surface view of your remodeling goals. This is why working with a reputable design-build team is your best bet. A design-build team will get down to the details right from the start, properly cost out your labor and materials, and stick to the cost you've signed off on (as long as you don't initiate any change orders). 

What is the best siding to increase home value?

High-quality, durable siding options like James Hardie products are considered the best for increasing home value. Why? James Hardie siding is made of hearty fiber cement and can last up to 50 years without replacement! More and more homeowners are learning about these benefits, giving your home a leg up on market value. 

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Mark and his team did a terrific job and I could not be more pleased with the final work! Throughout whole siding installation process I was kept well informed about the progress and what will be next steps in the process. I'm living in Arlington Heights and anyone who is looking for great siding contractor can stop by my house and check their amazing work. I also plan on hiring them again for another siding project. That would be my parent's home. 🙂

Jessica D.

I researched over 30 companies, and had 5 come out to my house to give me estimates to install new vinyl siding. I ended up going with Smardbuild, and I am very happy that I did. They showed up on time, and finished the entire job within a week. And the quality of the work is the best part. They are perfectionists! I have never seen attention to detail like this. They even went above and beyond the job requirements. They installed aluminum flashing around my sliding glass door to make it look nicer, and that was not even part of the job. And to top it off, they installed 2 new wall lanterns that I bought at Home Depot. 

Tim H.

We used Mark and his Smardbuild team to replace our roof, soffits, fascia, siding, upstairs windows, gutters and front door. All work performed is top notch. We went with Hardie soffits and fascia since we had prior issues with carpenter bees drilling holes in our old, wooden soffits. In my opinion Smardbuild is the best with Hardie products. Everything looks great. It took us a while to finally settle on a color for the siding and Smardbuild was quite patient with our process. After having issues with contractors in the past, it was refreshing to work with such a professional team that actually cares about the quality of their work. Thanks Smardbuild.

Peter P.

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