Top 9 Interior Design Trends for Your Naperville Home

Are you remodeling your Naperville, Chicago area home and looking for the latest interior design trends to make your home feel fresh and current? We have the top interior design trends for every space in your home. Timeless designs with a trendy edge, color trends, design details, and the latest in trending material choices–we have it all!

Interior Trends Minimalist Room Blue Couch

What Interior Design Styles are Trending Right Now?

Some design trends seem to remain on the trends lists for years, while others are new takes on older trends. Pick and choose which trends speak to your personal style and lean in with the help of a trusted designer to reimagine your Naperville home. 


1. Shine Bright with Color: Jewel Tones

Jewel took center stage at the beginning of 2023 and continues to be all the rage! We're talking about rich, vibrant hues like emerald, sapphire, amethyst, and ruby that are popping up everywhere. Jewel tones are stealing the show in finishes, wallpaper, fabrics, and decor. The best part? There's a jewel tone for every taste and color scheme. 

When working with your designer, they can help you select the perfect tone that complements your overall design and desired palette. The trick to balancing a jewel tone with other colors is to pair a warm neutral with a warm jewel tone to make it more subdued. Or, pair a cool jewel tone with a warm neutral–or vice versa–to make it pop. 

Modern Slab Backsplash Kitchen Ideas

2. Go Bold: A Statement Backsplash

Gone are the days when the kitchen backsplash was an afterthought. Picture a striking marble slab backsplash with bold veining or a lively geometric ceramic tile pattern. Begin your kitchen remodel design by choosing your trending statement backsplash and follow by complementing it with every other finish, from the plumbing fixtures to the wall color. Using a slab backsplash or striking tile is a trending kitchen design element that overlaps with timeless kitchen trends, depending on the style you choose. If you’re worried about your backsplash going out of style in a couple of years, work with your designer to strike a balance between trending and timeless for a detail that will stay in style for several years. 


3. Make It Pop: Black Accents

One of the major trends this year is incorporating rich black features into bright rooms. Imagine black built-in bookshelves, black-framed window interiors, matte black hardware and plumbing fixtures in a vibrant kitchen, and a sleek black bathroom vanity in the bathroom are great ways to introduce a striking detail to any space. A popular fireplace design trend is to either paint it black, in the case of brick or drywall or reclad it in a black tile or stone. Either way, it creates a great focal point that can be accented with jewel tones for a gorgeous color palette! 


4. Think Outside the Style Box: Mixing Design Eras

Who says you have to fit into a single design box? So go ahead and pair your heirlooms with contemporary pieces. Mixing eras is a very European decorating style that allows combining antique furniture and art with cool contemporary pieces. Mix mid-century modern lamps with a Victorian side chair.  Art nouveau with contemporary? Scandinavian with French Provincial? Mix and match to your heart's content! 

The goal is to create a well-composed and balanced space that feels personal. Remember to collaborate closely with your designer as you hunt for unique pieces from estate sales, eclectic boutiques, and contemporary interior design stores.

Interior Trends Colorful Tiled Bathroom

5. Paving the Way: Textured Tile

Textured tiles add intentional style and a handmade touch to any space. They provide a custom feel rather than a mass-produced look. Hand-stamped ceramic or cement tiles offer diverse textures in every tile and wavy square tiles with subtle color variations are at the top of bathroom trends lists. For a contemporary vibe, opt for tiles with slight geometric three-dimensionality. With textured tiles, you'll effortlessly elevate your bathroom with character and sophistication.


6. It’s All in the Details: Add Personal Touches

When it comes to designing your home, the devil is in the details. Pay attention to the little things as they create a more personalized space. Every aspect of your home's design, from the hardware, molding, lighting, and plumbing fixtures to the built-ins and tile patterns, should be carefully considered as part of a cohesive whole. By incorporating intentional details rather than settling for the monotonous, your home will truly reflect your unique style. 

Interior Trends Home Office Chicagoland

7. Work It: The Elevated Home Office

Let's not forget about transforming your home office into a stylish hub instead of just a utilitarian room. Use a wall of custom built-ins Instead of a bulky desk to keep everything organized and within reach. Embrace natural light by adding extra windows and enhance the ambiance with statement lighting and personalized touches. Are you refinishing your basement to include your home office? Use custom lighting, like a combination of sconces, recessed lighting, and spotlighting in your built-ins to create an even glow. And when it comes to paint colors, go for a lively yet non-distracting shade like a rich medium-toned blue to help keep you focused. Need to feel energized in your home office? Go for a warmer tone. 


8. Keep it Organized: Zoned Spaces

In today's modern homes, organization is key. Make the most of every inch of space by planning your layout intentionally. By doing so, you can minimize unused space, making your home feel larger and better organized. In the kitchen, create a designated coffee bar area, create a baking station where your stand-up mixer, tools, and dry ingredients can all be stored within the same few square feet. In the living area, carve out a music area with seating, your record collection, and the record player tucked into a built-in bookcase. 

This focus on organization extends to job-specific rooms like the mudroom, laundry room, butler's pantry, home office, and home gym. Embrace the idea of intentional spaces for specific functions throughout your home.

Interior Trends Minimalist Room Bold Detail

9. Strike a Balance: Selective Minimalism

While stark minimalism is a thing of the past, a touch of minimalism can still be incorporated selectively to balance out other trends. We're seeing minimalism used to balance out other trends, like mixing of eras and adding lots of details. If you’d like to indulge in a statement backsplash, adding picture frame molding to your bedroom, a jewel-toned sofa, or adding black marble to your living room fireplace, balance it out with a little minimalism elsewhere in the room. 


Hit ‘Refresh’ on Your Naperville Home’s Interior Design 

Leaning into the latest trends is a lot of fun, but which trends are right for your personal style and your home? Smardbuild is a design-build firm that serves the Chicago area and helps homeowners find their personal style with guidance and knowledge of the latest trends and timeless designs. For your home remodel, contact Smardbuild to schedule a consultation, learn about the benefits of the design-build process, and imagine your new life in a remodel that suits your every need and style goal. 


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