Top Flooring Design Trends for 2021

With new technologies emerging and the preferences of homeowners evolving, flooring design trends continue to change. From statement-making grey wooden floors to vintage luxury-inspired distressed wooden floors, there are always new options when it comes to the latest trends. Today we're exploring some of the top flooring design trends of 2021 to inspire your next home remodeling project.

Trend 1: Fumed Wood Flooring 

The wood used in this flooring is put through the fuming, giving it a rich color and makes the grain pop. The fuming process itself created dark hues that vary across each piece of wood, enhancing the look of the natural wood grain. This trending flooring choice paired with freshly painted white walls creates a chic and trendy look for any space in your home. 

Trend 2: Distressed and Rustic

Distressed, rustic flooring is another trend that has been around for quite some time but has recently made a major resurgence on the design scene this year. By putting the wood flooring through an artificial aging process, manufacturers can achieve a rustic look and feel that echos what you might see in a cozy historic home. 

If you're worried about the durability and longevity of a distressed wooden flooring option, you can opt for concrete flooring. This popular alternative to traditional wood flooring has gained traction in the interior design world in recent years, capturing the rustic vibe that so many homeowners are craving. 

Trend 3: Vintage Black and White

Vintage-inspired black and white flooring design has stayed on-trend for as long as most people can remember. However, it seems that this year, in particular, designers and homeowners alike have turned to this flooring option, soaking in the nostalgia and classic nature of the style. 

For those who are interested in taking part in the black and white flooring comeback, many options allow for a modern twist to this time-old favorite. With graphic patterns and bold geometric designs, black and white flooring can exude a sense of luxury or grandeur. If it's a truly vintage look you're going for, using smaller tiles to create bold graphic patterns will capture the essence of a time long ago but with a contemporary pop to make a statement. 

Trend 4: Basic and Natural Colors

If you are a minimalist when it comes to flooring, go back to the basics with natural and neutral colors. Trend forecasters predict that the minimalistic trend won't be letting up anytime soon, so choosing a nice natural shade for your floors will be a decision you'll love for years to come.

With a younger generation focused on sustainability and the environment and now more than ever, using materials that bring the natural beauty of the outdoors inside has risen in popularity over the last few years. Capturing a simple and cozy yet luxurious look is effortless when you choose flooring made from natural woods and materials. 

Bottom Line

Homeowners aren't settling for all traditional materials when it comes to creating a house they can call home anymore. New home buyers are ready to experiment with new, durable, and sustainable materials. Fortunately, Smardbuild is on top of all the latest trends while providing only top-notch services and products. We are proud to deliver flooring designs that don't disappoint.

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Mark and his team did a terrific job and I could not be more pleased with the final work! Throughout whole siding installation process I was kept well informed about the progress and what will be next steps in the process. I'm living in Arlington Heights and anyone who is looking for great siding contractor can stop by my house and check their amazing work. I also plan on hiring them again for another siding project. That would be my parent's home. 🙂

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I researched over 30 companies, and had 5 come out to my house to give me estimates to install new vinyl siding. I ended up going with Smardbuild, and I am very happy that I did. They showed up on time, and finished the entire job within a week. And the quality of the work is the best part. They are perfectionists! I have never seen attention to detail like this. They even went above and beyond the job requirements. They installed aluminum flashing around my sliding glass door to make it look nicer, and that was not even part of the job. And to top it off, they installed 2 new wall lanterns that I bought at Home Depot. 

Tim H.

We used Mark and his Smardbuild team to replace our roof, soffits, fascia, siding, upstairs windows, gutters and front door. All work performed is top notch. We went with Hardie soffits and fascia since we had prior issues with carpenter bees drilling holes in our old, wooden soffits. In my opinion Smardbuild is the best with Hardie products. Everything looks great. It took us a while to finally settle on a color for the siding and Smardbuild was quite patient with our process. After having issues with contractors in the past, it was refreshing to work with such a professional team that actually cares about the quality of their work. Thanks Smardbuild.

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