5 Key Signs You Need New Siding

home that has been resided with james hardie fiber cement siding

Siding is one of the most important aspects of your home’s protection in addition to your roof, windows and doors.  Although some siding is designed to last a lifetime, your home may have old siding that is in need of replacement. Here are 5 key signals that your home is in need of new siding.

Warped, Rotting Siding

old warped vinyl siding

Inspect your home’s siding for rotted areas under warped siding. Using a screwdriver or blunt instrument, test areas under the siding. Is the siding loose or does the area underneath give way easily? This is a sure sign that the siding needs to be replaced right away.

Overall Dull, Faded Appearance

faded siding in need of repar

Over time, some siding can tend to fade in color and bend or curl at some of the edges. If your home’s siding is looking old and tired, you can give it a fresh new look that increases the value of your entire home.  Newer styles of vinyl and fiber cement siding can can keep your home looking newer with improved technology in fade resistance and material durability.

Rot And Mold On And Underneath Siding Planks

old siding

When you spot any mold or water leaks on the interior walls of your home, this could be an indication that your siding is in need of repair.  Over time, your home can shift, causing siding panels to become loosened.  When this occurs, water can get behind the siding planks and in some cases even into the interior of your home where it can lead to further rotting and damage to the framework of the home. Not all signs of mold or fungus indicate a need for new siding, but a careful check both inside and out should be undertaken.

Any type of growth such as fungus, mold, or mildew on a home’s siding, especially at or near seams in the siding, may indicate that water is penetrating it and being held inside the wall, where it is slowly released once again, causing unwanted growth. While not all signs of fungus, mold, or mildew on siding is a cause for alarm, such growth should be cause to investigate further.

Insect And Pest Infiltration In Siding

Another indication that your siding is damaged is the increased appearance of bugs and little critters inside the home.  If you notice these pests are able to get into the home more frequently, it could be that the caulking on your siding has become cracked or deteriorated ruining the integrity of your siding system. Water leaks can attract insects. In addition, bugs and crawling insects can cause significant damage to the structure of your home. It will be much easier to repair the siding now rather than trying to replace wooden beams and studs in your home later.

An Old Home With A Dated Appearance Can Be Transformed With New Siding

Siding - whole home

You may have recently purchased your home and are interested in making some substantial improvements to greatly increase its curb appeal. Today’s siding manufacturers have developed many new styles and colors to make your home look beautiful and far from ordinary. Together with new windows and a new front entryway, you can completely remodel the exterior of your home to make it look completely brand new.