Most Common Siding Option for Homeowners

As a homeowner, you are tasked with the need for notching siding materials up your home. Considerably, your initial housing priorities would certainly revolve around the exteriors of your home.

As regards the exterior part of your home, there are some siding choices you’d have to make. Now, when you’re looking to installing sidings on the exterior part of your home, there are numerous factors that come into play.

These factors span across climate change, cost of maintenance, your budget, durability, beauty and a host of other factors. You would certainly have a list of requirements you want your siding option to meet. In this regard, we’ve narrowed down the most common siding choices made by homeowners and we are going to be discussing them in the light of their good and bad features.

Vinyl Siding

This siding is quite common due to its ease of installation and maintenance plus it is budget friendly. Vinyl siding material comes in a variety of design and color options. If you’re looking to remodel the exterior part of your home at an affordable cost then vinyl siding is an option you should consider. If you choose to reinstall new vinyl siding, it can be done with removing the existing siding. Most homeowners opt for this siding option due to its tempting cost advantages.
However, the downside to this type of siding is that you get to install new siding if you have a new color preference as it doesn’t look good if it’s repainted. Plus if it is installed wrongly, your home may be vulnerable to leaks during rainy seasons.

Wood Siding

This is a classic choice of siding preferable to most homeowners as it has an aesthetic appeal. It can be installed easily plus you have the option of repainting it as many times as you like as it can be polished. However, to keep it durable, you’d have to treat it to keep it from rotting and this invariably ups the cost of maintenance. It doesn’t also handle fire well and this makes it an unwise choice in wildfire regions. You should also take note of the price variances as different wood species come at different costs.

Fiber-cement Siding

This siding is a combination of wood fibers, cement, and sand. The fiber-cement siding gives homeowners the wood appeal. On the plus side, it stands above any drawbacks susceptible to wood siding. It is fire-resistant and isn’t vulnerable to insects infestation and rot. It also saves you some long-run expenses as it doesn’t need to be painted as often as the wood siding.
Fiber-cement siding is a blend of beauty, quality, and durability. In this same vein, the best siding brand to opt for would be the James Hardie fiber-cement siding. James Hardie also offers off-the-charts installation services as well as remodeling, rebuilding, and home design services.

Why James Hardie Siding is best for you

You would certainly want to hire a siding contractor that has your best interest at heart. James Hardie siding company understands that most homeowners are on the lookout for unique design options, you’d also get a wide range of options to pick from within the confines of your budget.

James Hardie also offers a discount on specific purchases plus a limited lifetime warranty. This is about the best siding installation deal you can get.

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The Best Siding for Climate Change

Siding for climate change

The first important step to take when building your home is placing outside defenses as you would want to prevent climatic hazards like wind, rain, and snow from getting into your home.

You would also agree that it is quite easier to deal with climatic hazards like these from the outside than whether they get inside.

Climate changes, therefore, necessitate the installments of siding for your home or buildings.

Opting for a new siding can be a defensive step in shielding your home against climatic difficulties and hazards. New siding materials invariably increase the lifespan of your siding plus it adds more value to your home if you are looking to sell it. If you are looking to install new siding then you should explore the advantage of adding extra insulation as you are certain to need it. Why? This cuts down your energy cost.

Having said all these, we are going to be looking at some siding materials you can opt for that can withstand climate change. Before we proceed, we should understand that there are different siding materials as regards different climates. So we are going to be discussing them in this regard.

Vinyl Siding

This siding comes with a wide range of varieties as regards its quality and styles. Opting for a good vinyl siding should withstand common climates such as rainfall and winter. You should also know that you shouldn’t cut cost with vinyl siding as you may be setting your home up for a huge climatic disaster. Inferior vinyl siding can be easily damaged during unstable weathers. If you reside in a subtle-weathered part of the country then you can opt for insulated vinyl siding materials as they can help shield you against snow, rain, and wind.

Stucco Siding

This siding is a combination of cement, sand, water, lime, and stucco. This siding provides some top-notch protection against climate change if installed correctly. Most homeowners seem to consider this siding option quite risky as it doesn’t handle snow quite well. It is likely to start breaking apart when water starts to seep in. Stucco siding is advisable during dry climates. To get the best out of stucco siding, you would need to pay more attention to the air and moisture behind its finish.

Fiber-cement Siding

This siding is a combination of cement, cellulose fibers and sand. It is regarded as the best siding as it is quite resistant to severe climate fluctuations. As an added advantage, it is fire-resistant. It is an all-purpose siding that can withstand both hot and cold kinds of weather.

As a tip, the best siding brand most homeowners opt for is the James Hardie fiber-cement siding as it gives you a perfect fusion of quality, aesthetics, and durability. James Hardie fiber-cement siding also comes in a wide range of design options you can choose from.
If you didn’t know
You should bear in mind that James Hardie is a siding company that offers remodeling, rebuilding, siding installations, and home design services. With James Hardie as your siding contractor, you’d enjoy the advantage of quality, a limited lifetime warranty and a discount on specific purchases. Click here to know more about James Hardie siding.

Siding Material Options That Would Notch Up Your Home


When you are looking to re-siding your home siding material options are one of the prioritizing things to consider. Choose trusted and professional Siding Contractor and don’t forget some core factors to consider when choosing a siding for your home are the durability, price, quality, and aesthetics.

These factors can’t be overlooked as they decide the durability and value of your home in general. In this article, we are going to be paying attention to the aesthetic part of your siding option.

Consider your environment.

You should take note of your environment or area before you opt for a siding design or color. You should endeavor to go for a siding option that blends with your locale.

You wouldn’t want your home looking like the sore thumb in your area. Beauty gives a magical appeal to homeowners and visitors alike. So you would want to go for the siding material that meets your home’s color and design requirement.
However, note that you shouldn’t prioritize beauty over quality when choosing a siding material. In this regard, we are going to be discussing siding materials that offer a blend of beauty and quality.

  • Wood/Cedar Siding
    Wood siding is quite beautiful as most of them appear polished and shiny. One of the many reasons most homeowners opt for this siding material is that it can be repainted easily. If you’re all about the looks then you can consider opting for wood/cedar siding. However, you may have to contend with having to always treat or replacing your sidings as inferior wood siding is highly susceptible to rot and climatic change.
  • Vinyl/Steel Siding
    These siding options are quite affordable as they come with a variety of options. One of the advantages to be considered when opting for vinyl or steel siding is that there are a variety of colors you can pick from. They also come in numerous design options. However, most homeowners would opt for vinyl siding rather than steel siding. Steel siding is mostly used by industries, factories or companies. However, steel siding is susceptible to rusting and may not handle rainy seasons well.
    Vinyl siding, on the other hand, comes painted and as such erases the option of getting repainted. If you choose to change the siding color, you may resort to installing new vinyl siding entirely.
  • Fiber-cement Siding
    The fiber-cement siding seems to have gained significant momentum in the siding market as most homeowners consider it a wise investment. Fiber-cement siding is a combo of cellulose fiber, cement, and sand. It is often regarded as a popular choice due to its blend of beauty and quality. The most patronized brand in this regard is the James Hardie fiber-cement siding. James Hardie fiber-cement offers a blend of durability, quality, and beauty.

With James Hardie fiber-cement siding, your home can retain its original monetary value in case you decide to sell it.

Why you should opt for James Hardie siding

Asides from producing quality siding materials such as wood, vinyl, stucco, steel and similar sorts, James Hardie also offers top-notch siding installation services. You would also get to enjoy discounts on specific purchases and a limited lifetime warranty. Click here to get the best siding options for your home and building projects.

Why you may decide to opt for HardiePlank Siding

James hardie Plank-siding

When it comes to siding, we all have preferences as regards our different reasons. The most common siding most of us probably use is the vinyl siding which is known for its durability and aesthetic nature.

However, a siding that has recently gained attention and momentum is the HardiePlank siding; a siding produced by James Hardie Industries.

HardiePlank siding is a unique combination of cement and cellulose fiber. This siding is produced in horizontal strips. It bears some slight similarities with the HardiePlank panel, which is also a product of James Hardie Industries, but it’s quite different. HardiePlank siding is interlaced with wood and mineral components.

Hardie Plank-Sidng-Detail

The wood content in the HardiePlank isn’t responsible for its wooden texture.

The unique wood appearance of the HardiePlank siding is as a result of a type of molding referred to as embossed texturing. This texture doesn’t just give the wooden grain feel; it also gives the surface of each siding board an exceptional look; also a feature of James Hardie siding.

We just had a quick intro of the HardiePlank siding, let’s now discuss why you may want to go for it.
Retains its original monetary value

Not all sidings have this exceptional feature. Let’s consider vinyl siding for instance. It is almost impossible to sell your vinyl sidings at the initial price it was bought. Vinyl sidings are always down-prized when they are being sold after use. This isn’t so with the HardiePlank siding as fiber-cement is ranked to be an upscale siding project.

Building your house with HardiePlank siding can be deemed an investment if you decide to sell your house. Remodeling magazine asserts that you are more than likely to recoup 78% of the initial price of your HardiePlank siding upon reselling.

  • Fire resistance
    This is a core factor to consider before opting for any siding. Vinyl siding which is quite common isn’t safety-wise when it comes to a fire outbreak. Why? Vinyl siding is a petroleum derivative which is known to feed flames. Being wooden makes it quite combustible.
    HardiePlank siding on the other hand isn’t a fire-feeder plus it can resist fire. You should know that fire resistance differs from being fireproof.
  • It could easily pass as wood
    HardiePlank siding bears a strong semblance to wood. Most people often decide to go for it because it has the aesthetic nature of wood plus it is relatively strong.
  • Yes, you can paint it.
    If you wish to notch up the looks of your HardiePlank siding then feel free to paint it. Vinyl siding evidently lacks this feature which is a better reason to opt for HardiePlank siding.
    Have you been searching for the right siding?

If you reside in the area of Chicago and would love to beautify your house with the right siding then James Hardie industries speak your language. James Hardie siding thrives on the reputation for durability, beauty, strength and top-notch siding related features.


Horizontal Siding vs Vertical Siding

People have different preferences as regards siding installations. While some people may decide to go for vinyl sidings, others may rather opt for HardiePlank siding. But today, we are going to be discussing something quite different. We are going to do a comparison between horizontal siding and vertical siding.

We would be looking at a few considerable factors. Before we discuss these factors, let’s briefly talk about these two sidings.

Horizontal siding

Horizontal Siding Sample

Horizontal siding is quite common and as such gives the house a traditional look. This type of siding may never go out of style as most siding industries or companies are quite common with its installations.

Vertical siding

Vertical siding home
This kind of siding is somewhat rare as compared to the horizontal siding. If you installed vertical siding then it certainly means that your house is an eye-catcher. Also, you often find vertical siding on industrial buildings.

Ease of installation and cost of both Vertical and Horizontal sidings
Horizontal siding is quite common so this invariably ups its ease of installation as most siding contractors are familiar with it. When contractors install sidings easily and quickly, the cost becomes low.
Vertical siding, on the other hand, is more expensive and time-consuming when it comes to installation. Contractors have to make sure the strips are properly aligned with each other and as such, they get to charge you more as installing vertical sidings in industrial buildings are even more complex.

Durability and maintenance

Both horizontal and vertical sidings are quite durable. However, the durability is quite dependent on the siding material in question. HardiePlank siding and a host of other brands that use fiber-cement, metal and vinyl are quite strong and are less susceptible to water damage as compared to wood siding.
However, horizontal siding is more prone to leakages as compared to vertical siding. This is almost deemed as common and the likely measure to be taken here is opting for a water-resistant siding such as HardiePlank siding.

You should also be wary of letting water seep through your siding during cleaning. In this regard, when cleaning your siding with a pressure washer, endeavor to point the pressure washer straight-forward and not at an angle. Pointing the pressure from an angle heightens the tendency of water getting behind your siding.

These are some core factors you should consider before installing vertical siding or horizontal siding. Most homeowners would rather opt for horizontal siding as vertical siding is more affiliated to commercial buildings and similar sorts. One core factor that trumps all factors is the siding material you’re opting for. This has a lot to say about the durability, cost of maintenance and installation.

Get on board with James Hardie siding

With James Hardie siding, you are certain to get the true value of whatever expenses you’re incurring as your sidings would stand the test of time. James Hardie siding also offers discounts on specific purchases as well as providing top-notch installation services. Whichever siding you may decide to opt for, get on the Hardie board.

Find ideas and inspiration for Horizontal And Vertical Siding to add to your own home. Please take a look at samples of our Siding Installation in Elmhurst.

6 Tips on Choosing The Right Siding


Siding is quite essential when building a house as you get to protect the exterior parts of your wall from domestic and natural hazards. Most homeowners explore the benefits of siding as it keeps them out of the disaster radar.

However, siding is an essential part of a building; there are some factors you should critically consider when picking or choosing the right siding for your house. We are going to be discussing these factors in details as well as some tips you can take on installing the right siding.

Siding Durability
This is one factor you should critically consider as you want to purchase and install a siding that has lifelong durability. In this regard, you should consider opting for vinyl wood material as sidings made from this raw material stands the test of time and as such can be relied upon. Some sidings tend to bring out excess dust when they are being cut, and this is something you should look out for as it may question the authenticity of the siding material.

Siding Easy Installation
You should only consider installing your siding if you have a skillset as regards siding installation. If you do, then you should opt for sidings that you can install easily.
Water Resistance
Some siding materials are specifically suited to resist water and as such tend to last longer. You should endeavor to keep an eye out for these types of siding. Siding materials that can resist water include vinyl, stucco and sometimes, cement.

Siding and Energy Saving
It is advisable you install a siding that regulates energy. Most sidings are made to house wirings and pipe installations so you should rather opt for a siding that supports insulation as the weather temperature keeps fluctuating. Opting for siding that can withstand temperature changes ensures that your cooling and heating unit saves energy.

Siding Aesthetics
Your siding will inevitably encompass a wider part of your house and would certainly be in full view. In this regard, it doesn’t hurt if you give it a befitting look as regards picking the right designs for your siding. Since it’s your home then notching up its looks would make it more visually appreciable.


Siding Versatility
Whether it’s a house or any other building you plan erecting, you should choose a siding that suits your exact needs or demands. Some siding types are quite specific to some certain projects. You should have this in mind when undertaking any building project.

Our Siding Recommendation
With the above tips, choosing the right siding for your home or building should be simpler now. The benefit of picking the right siding is quite rewarding as it saves you from any futuristic domestic or natural hazard your house may be prone to.

If you are quite uncertain as to which siding brand to opt for then you should consider opting for James Hardie siding as it ensures you get the full benefits of the aforementioned tips. James Hardie siding doesn’t just provide you with durable sidings; it also has extensive benefits such as discount offerings on purchases and a lifetime limited warranty.

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Does your home need siding?


Building a house comes with a range of necessities ranging from the installation of pipes, doors, windows and similar sorts.

However, some essential components of a house may not seem necessary or obvious, but that doesn’t diminish the need as you may have rightly guessed.

Have you ever thought about why your house may need siding? Or, maybe you’re probably asking yourself what siding is and considering the benefits it has.

What is siding?
Siding is any material that shields the exterior walls of a house or building from hazards. Siding can be made from a variety of materials such as fiber, cement, vinyl, wood, stucco, and brick.

Why people install Siding
People install siding for a variety of reasons, but one notable reason you may need siding may be for the protection of your home against minor natural hazards such as winter, rain or even surges. Another reason most people consider installing siding in their homes is to keep it properly insulated. Most people use siding to conceal wire installations, pipe installation and a variety of other wirings or connections.
Siding also preserves your home if you intend selling it in future as you would want to keep it new and attractive. In this regard, siding can also be installed for aesthetic reasons as it resonates colorfully with lightings and exterior decors. You can view siding as an outfit for your home.

Siding-front home wall
Siding also helps in regulating the temperature of your home as the weather can be too hot or cold depending on the season. It also prevents your house from experiencing avoidable leakages from rainfall.

Without siding
Without siding, your home becomes prone to leakages from instances such as rainfall, pipe breakages, and winter. Siding also helps to keep to your wirings concealed, shielding it from leakages and surges. As earlier stated, siding helps in regulating the temperature of your house thereby reducing the rate and energy at which your cooling and heating units work, saving you some extra expenses on your utility bills.

Environmental Benefit
Siding also benefits the environment by way of saving energy plus its durability and long lifecycles. You can also consider it a tip to install a new siding after the old one has lasted long enough. Vinyl siding precisely has a positive effect on your home and its environs as it is created from raw materials and can be easily disposed of once it has reached its lifespan.

Financial Benefit
If you wish to spend little on repairs, then you should crucially consider installing siding on the exterior walls of your house. This helps in curbing any form of leakage or surges that can cause some serious structural damages that may require you to spend out of your budget. Siding has some long term financial benefits that would save your home some avoidable costs.


Where you can get the best sidings
If you have installed good sidings on the exteriors of your home, then you are already in the safety radar of maintaining your house. However, if you want to enjoy the benefits of quality siding then James Hardie siding is a brand you won’t regret patronizing.
They provide quality sidings that can withstand climate change and other natural disasters.


Learn more about  other most popular siding materials to make an informed choice on the best option for your home. Please also see our siding installation completed in Glen Ellyn area. Mostly for clients in Glen Ellyn we use most popular types of exterior siding.

Over 6 million homes in Northern America patronize James Hardie siding as they provide durable sidings and top notch siding services. As an added advantage, James Hardie offers discount on purchases and a lifelong limited warranty.

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The Pros Know


For the 8th year in a row, Remodeling magazine’s Cost vs. Value Report states that re-siding your home with fiber-cement siding in the mid-range or larger categories provides the #1 return on your remodeling investment. Now that’s really inspiring.

There are many other projects you can tackle, but only re-siding with fiber cement gives you the best return on your investment 8 years in a row according to the Remodeling 2012-13 Cost vs. Value Report (

Why Choose James Hardie® Siding Products.

James Hardie pioneered fiber cement technology in the 1980s and is the world leader today. And, we are the trusted brand in siding in the Chicago area. Products are engineered to resist the common drivers of damage common here: termites, rot, fade, warping and cracking. Hardie siding earned the Good Housekeeping Seal.

James Hardie manufacture siding and trim products that wrap the entire home, so homeowners benefit from the strength and durability that come with a low maintenance James Hardie Complete Exterior.

What We Offer

Our durable and versatile products are currently protecting over 5.5 million homes across the U.S. and are backed by our strongest warranties yet.

We offer a 30-year warranty on:

HardiePlank Lap Siding
HardieShingle Siding
HardiePanel Siding
HardieSoffit Panels
Artisan Lap Siding

We offer a 15-year limited warranty on:

HardieTrim Boards
ColorPlus Technology
Artisan Accent Trim

How We’re Different

James Hardie is the most trusted name in fiber cement. After all, we invented it. Our reputation has been built over the years because the products are of the highest quality. You should feel comfortable with the investment you are making. The best remodelers and builders are familiar with the James Hardie brands and products – so ask for James Hardie by name.

Smardbuild Siding Contractors provides personalized project management and exceptional customer service leading the industry, and is the reason most homeowners choose Smardbuild Siding Contractors for their projects.

Smardbuild Siding Contractors sets the standard of excellence when it comes to professional installation. As expert James Hardie® installers our team has been factory-trained, and our installation is by-the-book. Smardbuild Siding has the experience with James Hardie products and installation that you need.

Smardbuild Siding Contractors offers, hands down, the BEST combination of materials and workmanship experience that we could put together. We and our customers have learned over and over again that this approach, when combined with honest and fair pricing, results in the homeowners receiving the greatest and most hassle-free value possible.



Chicago Siding by James Hardie


As a homeowner, you may find your home in need of constant repairs. Being a good marshal of your home, your first instinct is to contact numerous siding contractors for suggestions and a quote for repairs.

But you’ve never stopped to ask yourself, what type of house siding do I really need? Indeed, your choices are unlimited; you could choose to purchase fiber cement, real word or even vinyl. After that, you still have to decide which siding contractor you want to buy from. If you live in Chicago, you could save yourself a lot of work and stress by considering James Hardie Siding

Why Use James Hardie Siding in Chicago area.

James Hardie Siding Chicago ranks among the best brands for all kinds of properties, especially commercial and residential ones. About 6 million homes in Northern America make use of  Hardie Siding. Its wide use is largely fuelled by its durability, striking appearance and climate resistance. These characteristics come into one to form a well fabricated fiber cement siding that protects homes from climate change. This siding is even more impressive when you discover that it is manufactured in various designs and textures.
Every single one of these sidings are tough, resilient and come with a lifetime limited warranty. The Hardie Plank siding, can be applied to nearly every kind of exterior structure that exists.

A lot of benefits come from using this particular siding. If you’re in need of convincing, have a look at some of the reasons why James Hardie Siding Chicago kicks ass:

  1. Non-Combustible Composition

The James Hardie Siding is manufactured from fiber cement elements. Fiber cements are made of non-combustible materials that do not warp, rot or get damaged when exposed to heat waves.

  1. Maximum Durability

You can expect the James Hardie Siding last for decades because it is made from fiber cement. Materials in fiber cement make it so very strong that there is little chance of cracks occurring.

  1. Color and Appearance Varieties

One of the great things about this siding is its wide selection range. You have varieties of appearances and colors to choose from when planning a specific architectural look for your home’s construction or remodeling.

  1. Curb Appeal

Because the James Hardie Siding Chicago has so many aesthetic styles and designs to choose from, it effortlessly creates instant curb appeal.

  1. ColorPlus Technology

This technology is responsible for maintaining the intense color of the sliding. It’s an important feature to have; and the James Hardie Siding Chicago does. The manufacturers of this siding took the time to put in several consistent paint coats that will protect the exterior from harsh climate conditions. The Colorplus technology does the following: provides color matching, protects color accuracy, supports longevity, ensures consistent paint application and resists color fade. James Hardie Siding Chicago’s consistent finish is the reason why it lasts longer than the traditional painting (and those last quite a while).

  1. Lifetime Warranty

The James Hardie Siding comes with a 30-year transferable service warranty. If you add in the 15-year finish guarantee, then this siding’s warranty plan is nothing short of fantastic.


The James Hardie Siding is pretty impressive when you take all its benefits into account. In fact, as a plus to homeowners who prefer this siding, they averagely spend 14% less on their home insurance premiums than those who use Vinyl siding. Purchasing the James Hardie Siding means you love your home enough to invest in its appearance and its durability. You should place an order. It’s worth the money!

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All to Know about James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding has established itself as one of the best fiber cement siding in the country. Due to its long-term durability and fantastic good look, about 15% of all new homes in the country use fiber cement sliding. In just under 30 years since its introduction, fiber cement siding has become very popular.

Composition of Fiber Cement Siding.

Fiber cement siding is composed of two essential elements, which are silica or fly ash and cellulose. The cellulose, wood pulp, delivers elasticity, pliability and flexibility; and the silica operates as the filler. Portland cement keeps these elements together.

The best fiber cement siding around now would be the James Hardie siding. In fact, it is North America’s number one fiber cement and has been installed in over 8 million homes. James Hardie siding is well known for its durability and allows homeowners live in confidence knowing fully well that their house could last for years to come.

How James Hardie Siding Came to Be.

Fiber cement sliding began producing in the 19th century. Sometime around 1888, James Hardie immigrated to Australia from Scotland and began his own import business. While the name is attributed to the James Hardie, the illustrious is really controlled by the Reid family. This change in ownership occurred in 1991, when Hardie, on retiring, sold his share of the business to his partner Andre Reid.

The James Hardie Industries LLC has since then gone public and has its stock traded on the New York Stock Exchange. The James Hardie siding in particular is hugely patronised in North America, Europe, Asia and Australia. The James Hardie Corporation pulls in revenue of over $1.5billion. It currently employs at least 2050 people.

James Hardie Siding Types

One thing that has made James Hardie building products stand out is the company’s ability to manufacture varieties of siding styles. This makes it easy for homeowners to make better siding selections that best fit their homes’ architectural style. Here are some James Harding siding options:

  1. HardiePlank: Perhaps the most traditional of Harding sidings, this siding is elegant and durable. It is so timeless that it is, in fact, James Hardie’s best seller. The standard HardiePlank board is 5/16-inch thick, 8.25 inches wide and 144 inches wide. It comes in four varieties: Smooth, Beaded Smooth, Cedarmill and Beaded Cedarmill.
  2. HardieShingle: Has a heightened cedar shingle appearance and is the best choice for houses in Cape Cod
  3. HardiePanel: Often combined with HardiePlank, the HardiePanel has clean and crisp lines that have a striking appearance without being too flashy.
  4. Artisan: As the name implies, the Artisan collection is a crafty siding that delivers a captivating 3D look to your home.

James Hardie Siding vs. Vinyl

Vinyl is a traditional tough and flexible plastic traditionally used for floor coverings. But James Hardie Siding beats it with a couple of important features.

  • James Harding siding, being wood, has better aesthetics and texture than Vinyl
  • Fiber cement siding are not inflammable, whereas plastic vinyl is.
  • Vinyl isn’t technically a sustainable product. Its PVC resin isn’t environmentally friendly.
  • Vinyl is susceptible to cracks and holes.
  • Vinyl siding is also prone to noticeable expansion and contraction.
  • James Hardie siding is significantly less sensitive to temperature changes than Vinyl.
  • Fiber cement siding can resist severe thunderstorms and violent blizzards whereas vinyl succumbs to high winds.
  • Vinyl is known to retain moisture which can lead to rotting or mold.
  • You save maintenance and repair costs when you use James Hardie siding.

Benefits of James Hardie Siding

Asides the aforementioned benefits that come with choosing James Hardie Siding over Vinyl, this trademarked fiber cement siding has more advantages like:

  1. James Hardie Siding is thick and damage resistant
  2. Flexible enough to allow stylish embossing
  3. Little or no cost is expended on maintenance
  4. It is generally more sustainable.
  5. Offers lengthy manufacturer warranties (30 year)
  6. Has the best return on investment (ROI) of sidings around. (about 75% resale value)


An investment in James Hardie siding is a lifetime investment. It is so durable that it can be resold at a high price. Also, it can stand up to any weather condition be it from heat waves of the summer sun or arctic blasts from Canada. It is however important that you install your James Hardie siding properly. You get the best value for money when you hand over installation to a professional contractor.

One more thing, although James Hardie sidings are minimal maintenance product, you could occasionally wash away dust and dirt off it with a garden hose.

Smardbuild Construction is proud to be installing James Hardie Fiber Cement siding in the western suburbs of Chicago. We offer a fiber cement siding product that is perfect for everyone.
We are a professional siding company, and our work is recommended by hundreds of satisfied customers.