Chicago Siding by James Hardie


As a homeowner, you may find your home in need of constant repairs. Being a good marshal of your home, your first instinct is to contact numerous siding contractors for suggestions and a quote for repairs.

But you’ve never stopped to ask yourself, what type of house siding do I really need? Indeed, your choices are unlimited; you could choose to purchase fiber cement, real word or even vinyl. After that, you still have to decide which siding contractor you want to buy from. If you live in Chicago, you could save yourself a lot of work and stress by considering James Hardie Siding

Why Use James Hardie Siding in Chicago area.

James Hardie Siding Chicago ranks among the best brands for all kinds of properties, especially commercial and residential ones. About 6 million homes in Northern America make use of  Hardie Siding. Its wide use is largely fuelled by its durability, striking appearance and climate resistance. These characteristics come into one to form a well fabricated fiber cement siding that protects homes from climate change. This siding is even more impressive when you discover that it is manufactured in various designs and textures.
Every single one of these sidings are tough, resilient and come with a lifetime limited warranty. The Hardie Plank siding, can be applied to nearly every kind of exterior structure that exists.

A lot of benefits come from using this particular siding. If you’re in need of convincing, have a look at some of the reasons why James Hardie Siding Chicago kicks ass:

  1. Non-Combustible Composition

The James Hardie Siding is manufactured from fiber cement elements. Fiber cements are made of non-combustible materials that do not warp, rot or get damaged when exposed to heat waves.

  1. Maximum Durability

You can expect the James Hardie Siding last for decades because it is made from fiber cement. Materials in fiber cement make it so very strong that there is little chance of cracks occurring.

  1. Color and Appearance Varieties

One of the great things about this siding is its wide selection range. You have varieties of appearances and colors to choose from when planning a specific architectural look for your home’s construction or remodeling.

  1. Curb Appeal

Because the James Hardie Siding Chicago has so many aesthetic styles and designs to choose from, it effortlessly creates instant curb appeal.

  1. ColorPlus Technology

This technology is responsible for maintaining the intense color of the sliding. It’s an important feature to have; and the James Hardie Siding Chicago does. The manufacturers of this siding took the time to put in several consistent paint coats that will protect the exterior from harsh climate conditions. The Colorplus technology does the following: provides color matching, protects color accuracy, supports longevity, ensures consistent paint application and resists color fade. James Hardie Siding Chicago’s consistent finish is the reason why it lasts longer than the traditional painting (and those last quite a while).

  1. Lifetime Warranty

The James Hardie Siding comes with a 30-year transferable service warranty. If you add in the 15-year finish guarantee, then this siding’s warranty plan is nothing short of fantastic.


The James Hardie Siding is pretty impressive when you take all its benefits into account. In fact, as a plus to homeowners who prefer this siding, they averagely spend 14% less on their home insurance premiums than those who use Vinyl siding. Purchasing the James Hardie Siding means you love your home enough to invest in its appearance and its durability. You should place an order. It’s worth the money!

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