Get Creative with Your Home Siding Design


You can make your home completely in your favorite style by injecting your artistic side when choosing your home’s siding.

We often spend so much of our creative juices on our home’s interior, but with James Hardie’s range of siding selections, colors and textures, you can design your exterior with an open and totally unique mindset. See Siding Installation in Hinsdale.

Here are a few ways to let the imagination start to bubble up with ideas so you can think outside the sometimes-boring box.

Get creative with your color palette (Hardie Siding and Trim)

Many homeowners are mixing and matching siding and trim colors for an end result with extreme interest. And with James Hardie® siding and trim, there are plenty of colors to choose from. The vast ColorPlus® Technology palette was created by color experts, with the goal of creating beautiful, durable siding and trim colors that all complement one another, no matter their range from light to dark, and warm to cool.


Getting creative with color doesn’t mean you have to use them all. In fact, sometimes less can be even more striking. This home clad in Artisan® siding and HardiePanel® vertical siding in Arctic White with gray trim has a unique look that stands out on the block. It’s modern, crisp and clean with a creative vibe.

Mix up your siding styles
James Hardie siding and trim come in a variety of styles. There’s horizontal or vertical siding, staggered edge or straight edge shingles, and mixing it up is all the rage.


This homeowner blended HardiePlank® lap siding in Timber Bark, straight HardieShingle® siding in Mountain Sage, HardiePanel vertical siding in Autumn Tan and HardieTrim® boards in Sail Cloth. Each siding and trim style adds character to the home’s façade.

Think outside the lap siding.

The classic horizontal boards like HardiePlank lap siding may be the first siding image that comes to mind, but you can opt for HardiePanel® vertical siding, staggered edge or straight edge HardieShingle siding, and even different siding widths and textures (like smooth, Cedarmill© or stucco).


This standout home is clad in HardiePanel vertical siding in tan and gray-blue tones. We love how a traditional style home can possess a non-traditional look with just a hint of vision. Trying something new can truly pay off with the end look of your home’s exterior.

Unleash your creative side. After all, designing your home’s siding exterior doesn’t have to be rocket science.