Horizontal Siding vs Vertical Siding

People have different preferences as regards siding installations. While some people may decide to go for vinyl sidings, others may rather opt for HardiePlank siding. But today, we are going to be discussing something quite different. We are going to do a comparison between horizontal siding and vertical siding.

We would be looking at a few considerable factors. Before we discuss these factors, let’s briefly talk about these two sidings.

Horizontal siding

Horizontal Siding Sample

Horizontal siding is quite common and as such gives the house a traditional look. This type of siding may never go out of style as most siding industries or companies are quite common with its installations.

Vertical siding

Vertical siding home
This kind of siding is somewhat rare as compared to the horizontal siding. If you installed vertical siding then it certainly means that your house is an eye-catcher. Also, you often find vertical siding on industrial buildings.

Ease of installation and cost of both Vertical and Horizontal sidings
Horizontal siding is quite common so this invariably ups its ease of installation as most siding contractors are familiar with it. When contractors install sidings easily and quickly, the cost becomes low.
Vertical siding, on the other hand, is more expensive and time-consuming when it comes to installation. Contractors have to make sure the strips are properly aligned with each other and as such, they get to charge you more as installing vertical sidings in industrial buildings are even more complex.
Durability and maintenance

Both horizontal and vertical sidings are quite durable. However, the durability is quite dependent on the siding material in question. HardiePlank siding and a host of other brands that use fiber-cement, metal and vinyl are quite strong and are less susceptible to water damage as compared to wood siding.
However, horizontal siding is more prone to leakages as compared to vertical siding. This is almost deemed as common and the likely measure to be taken here is opting for a water-resistant siding such as HardiePlank siding.
You should also be wary of letting water seep through your siding during cleaning. In this regard, when cleaning your siding with a pressure washer, endeavor to point the pressure washer straight-forward and not at an angle. Pointing the pressure from an angle heightens the tendency of water getting behind your siding.
These are some core factors you should consider before installing vertical siding or horizontal siding. Most homeowners would rather opt for horizontal siding as vertical siding is more affiliated to commercial buildings and similar sorts. One core factor that trumps all factors is the siding material you’re opting for. This has a lot to say about the durability, cost of maintenance and installation.

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