The Siding design ideas to consider in 2017

Siding Trends in 2017

Improve Curb Appeal of your home in 2017! Siding gives you a great way to add color, durability, water resistance and… keep your house staying on top of the latest trends.

Here are siding design ideas and options to consider in 2017

It is the desire of every homeowner to make sure that his house is modern and designed according to the latest trends.


We often forget to pay attention to the siding as an important part of the house. So to make sure that your house meets all the requirements of the latest trends here are a few tips from siding designers and contractors that will help you in making the best changes.

1. Keep an Eye on Latest Siding Shades.

The first thing on-trend homeowners pay attention to is the siding colors of their house. So the color of the 2017 is Pantone Greenery (15-0343) It has been regarded as the annual color because of the exciting look it will give to your house as well as you will get the chance to select as many shades as you like.


According to the siding designers some of the best shades to select from the exterior of your house are:

• Deep green kale
• Neutral hazelnut
• Blue Niagara
• Neutral Beiges
• Tan for siding base


These shades will not necessary allow you to make your house match the neighborhood, but still look extraordinary. However, it is your house and you are allowed to select some siding design ideas like deep blue, black, red or brown.


2. Modern Engineered Wood Siding.

Do not let people cloud your mind with the misconception that wood and rustic exterior are out of trend. As these are some of the traditional siding trends that will be loved by the homeowners for generations.

Make sure that you add some unique and distinctive look for your home with engineered wood siding or even a rustic look. Modern, engineered wood siding is low maintenance and available in a variety of styles to meet your needs. According to the siding trends for 2017, the best thing about the rustic or wooden exterior is that it is affordable in a variety of styles.
You will not have to import special siding material that might cost you a fortune.

3. Siding with Energy Efficiency.

Better Siding Insulation equals more saving.
In 2017 people are looking forward to having the exterior of their homes insulated. It would allow them to keep the home warm without using the heating system for a long duration. Apart from that, fiber cement siding is being used. It might look expensive, but the advantages of durability and easy maintenance is attracting the siding experts and contractors.

Siding - Energy Efficient Ideas-2017

When you are ready to give your home a new look make sure to select the best siding design ideas for 2017! We all know that siding is a crucial  part of the house and should be replaced first in order to ensure that house looks modern and contemporary . So keep the above-mentioned trends in mind and amaze your friends with your newly designed exterior.


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