Why you may decide to opt for HardiePlank Siding

James hardie Plank-siding

When it comes to siding, we all have preferences as regards our different reasons. The most common siding most of us probably use is the vinyl siding which is known for its durability and aesthetic nature.

However, a siding that has recently gained attention and momentum is the HardiePlank siding; a siding produced by James Hardie Industries.

HardiePlank siding is a unique combination of cement and cellulose fiber. This siding is produced in horizontal strips. It bears some slight similarities with the HardiePlank panel, which is also a product of James Hardie Industries, but it’s quite different. HardiePlank siding is interlaced with wood and mineral components.

Hardie Plank-Sidng-Detail

The wood content in the HardiePlank isn’t responsible for its wooden texture.

The unique wood appearance of the HardiePlank siding is as a result of a type of molding referred to as embossed texturing. This texture doesn’t just give the wooden grain feel; it also gives the surface of each siding board an exceptional look; also a feature of James Hardie siding.

We just had a quick intro of the HardiePlank siding, let’s now discuss why you may want to go for it.
Retains its original monetary value

Not all sidings have this exceptional feature. Let’s consider vinyl siding for instance. It is almost impossible to sell your vinyl sidings at the initial price it was bought. Vinyl sidings are always down-prized when they are being sold after use. This isn’t so with the HardiePlank siding as fiber-cement is ranked to be an upscale siding project.

Building your house with HardiePlank siding can be deemed an investment if you decide to sell your house. Remodeling magazine asserts that you are more than likely to recoup 78% of the initial price of your HardiePlank siding upon reselling.

  • Fire resistance
    This is a core factor to consider before opting for any siding. Vinyl siding which is quite common isn’t safety-wise when it comes to a fire outbreak. Why? Vinyl siding is a petroleum derivative which is known to feed flames. Being wooden makes it quite combustible.
    HardiePlank siding on the other hand isn’t a fire-feeder plus it can resist fire. You should know that fire resistance differs from being fireproof.
  • It could easily pass as wood
    HardiePlank siding bears a strong semblance to wood. Most people often decide to go for it because it has the aesthetic nature of wood plus it is relatively strong.
  • Yes, you can paint it.
    If you wish to notch up the looks of your HardiePlank siding then feel free to paint it. Vinyl siding evidently lacks this feature which is a better reason to opt for HardiePlank siding.
    Have you been searching for the right siding?

If you reside in the area of Chicago and would love to beautify your house with the right siding then James Hardie industries speak your language. James Hardie siding thrives on the reputation for durability, beauty, strength and top-notch siding related features.