Top 2024 James Hardie Siding Colors For Homes in Chicago

From bright white to deep dark navy, we've gathered the most popular colors of James Hardie siding for your Chicago area home. The perfect shade for your Naperville home exterior awaits in this guide to the most sought-after James Hardie Siding colors. Find the color that suits your home and your personal style here! 

What Is the Most Popular Siding Color in 2024?

In 2024, Arctic White stands out as the leading choice among the James Hardie siding colors. Known for its bright and clean look, this color enhances your home with a style that is both modern and timeless, making it a favorite among popular exterior house colors. This versatility makes Arctic White a top choice as an overall color, easily accented by other popular siding colors.

Our Top James Hardie Siding Colors for 2024

Beyond the functional appeal of James Hardie siding, the company is also an industry leader when it comes to color choices that resonate with homeowners. Take a look at the best of the best siding colors brought to you by the best siding product on the market: James Hardie.

Arctic White James Hardie Board Exterior

Best White James Hardie Siding Colors

White is still at the top of the charts for popular exterior house colors in 2024, and it's no surprise why. It's got that timeless charm that just doesn’t fade. Choosing white James Hardie siding gives your home a polished look. It really shows off the architectural details that make your home unique. Plus, white is super versatile—it plays nice with just about any house color scheme you can think of, lighting up your home’s exterior and making it feel welcoming and fresh. So if you're looking to brighten up your place, white might just be the way to go. 

Brown Siding Color Chicago

Best Brown James Hardie Siding Colors

Shades of brown have this cozy, earthy quality that really makes a house feel like a home. Thinking about giving your place a rustic touch? You might want to check out James Hardie shingle siding in a rich brown tone like Timber Bark. It’s got that classic woodsy feel that’s just right for a cabin vibe or a craftsman-style look. And when it comes to picking accent colors, brown is surprisingly versatile—creamy whites for a soft contrast, or hunter green for a bit of outdoorsy flair. 

Best Beige James Hardie Siding Colors

Who doesn't love the warm, welcoming vibes of beige on a home? Beige James Hardie siding colors are like the comfy sweater of house siding colors. It's one of those popular exterior house colors that just naturally fit in, whether you're in the suburbs or downtown. Pair it with crisp white trim for a fresh look, or throw in some forest green or navy blue accents for a stylish contrast. Beige is also practical, hiding dust with ease. Perfect for keeping your home looking effortlessly neat. So, if you're brainstorming house color ideas, why not give beige a chance to charm you?

Gray Siding Color

Best Gray James Hardie Siding Colors

Gray is just perfect for house siding. Whether it's the lighter shades or the deeper ones, they've got a knack for making any home look both chic and inviting. These modern siding colors blend seamlessly with different styles, making them a hot pick for house color ideas. Lighter grays have this gentle, subtle vibe that doesn't overwhelm, making it a hit in house siding colors; while dark gray adds a dash of drama and elegance, securing its spot among popular exterior house colors. 

Green Home Exterior James Hardie

Best Green James Hardie Siding Colors

Green siding is definitely having its moment in the spotlight, and it’s easy to see why. The greens on our list really tap into that outdoorsy, nature-inspired vibe that so many homeowners love. It's not just about the color—it's about bringing that calming, earthy feel right to your doorstep. Plus, these greens blend beautifully with other neutral James Hardie siding colors, creating a look that's both unique and deeply connected to the landscape around your home. 

Best Blue James Hardie Siding Colors

Blue is having a big moment in home exteriors, especially those rich, deep blues that seem to capture the sky just after sunset. These aren't your typical light, breezy blues; we're talking bold, confident colors that really make a statement. They're perfect for adding a sleek, modern twist to James Hardie siding, whether you opt for vertical panel siding, wood grain lap siding, or smooth texture shingles. These blues pair beautifully with neutral trims, such as soft grays or crisp whites, enhancing the sophisticated look. 

Blue Siding Color

What Color Should I Choose for My Home's Siding?

Choosing the right color for your home’s siding involves more than just picking a shade you like, it’s about creating a harmonious look that fits with your surroundings. Here are some factors you should consider:

  • Trim Color: The color of your home’s trim should complement the siding. For example, a dark James Hardie siding could look striking against lighter trim.

  • Home's Location and Tree Cover: The amount of sunlight your home receives can influence the siding color. Lighter colors might work well in heavily wooded areas, while bold modern siding colors can stand out in sunnier spots.

  • Neighborhood Colors: Taking cues from neighboring houses can help your home blend in or stand out. Opting for siding colors for homes that are unique yet still harmonious with the neighborhood can boost curb appeal.

  • HOA Regulations: Always check with your homeowners' association for any color restrictions to ensure compliance.

What Color Siding Fades the Least?

When it comes to durability against fading, some colors perform better than others. Lighter colors, like Arctic White or pale grays, generally fade less noticeably than darker hues. However, James Hardie siding colors are engineered with ColorPlus® Technology, which helps resist UV-ray fading to keep your house siding colors looking vibrant longer.

What Color Siding is Easiest to Keep Clean?

Lighter siding colors tend to show less dirt and debris compared to darker colors, which can make maintenance a bit easier. However, certain shades of beige or light gray blend dust and splashes especially well, making them practical choices for areas prone to dust. For popular exterior house colors that need less frequent cleaning, choose shades that closely match the natural soil color in your environment.

How Often Does James Hardie Siding Need to be Painted?

James Hardie siding is well-regarded for its durability and long-lasting color and does not need to be repainted as frequently as other types of siding. The recommended repainting schedule can vary based on factors like climate and exposure to the elements, but generally, James Hardie siding with ColorPlus® Technology can go longer without needing a new coat—often up to 15 years or more! 

About James Hardie Siding

James Hardie Siding is made from fiber cement. This manufacturing process has been around long enough to have a well-established track record. Fiber cement siding looks like natural wood but offers much better performance. It's durable, environmentally friendly, lightweight, and requires significantly less maintenance than its vinyl or wood counterparts.

James Hardie Siding Board Options  

  • Lap Siding- James Hardie plank lap siding is the most popular brand of siding in North America.

  • Vertical Siding- Add contrast to your lap siding or go completely vertical!

  • Shingle Siding- Also called shake siding, this look gives a Cap-Cod feel at a fraction of cedar shake prices and delivers improved durability.

  • Architectural Collection- Truly anything is possible. The architectural collection includes panels and unique textures, lines, and trim.

  • Trim- Hardie trim boards help you put the finishing touches on your home’s new look. 

Smardbuild is a James Hardie Preferred Installer in the Chicago Area

SmardBuild is the Naperville, IL exterior remodeler James Hardie trusts with its world-class product. Our expertise in installing James Hardie fiber cement siding means we can deliver the eco-friendly, durable exterior remodel of your dreams.

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We used Mark and his Smardbuild team to replace our roof, soffits, fascia, siding, upstairs windows, gutters and front door. All work performed is top notch. We went with Hardie soffits and fascia since we had prior issues with carpenter bees drilling holes in our old, wooden soffits. In my opinion Smardbuild is the best with Hardie products. Everything looks great. It took us a while to finally settle on a color for the siding and Smardbuild was quite patient with our process. After having issues with contractors in the past, it was refreshing to work with such a professional team that actually cares about the quality of their work. Thanks Smardbuild.

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