Understanding an Exterior Remodel Timeline

It’s time to get serious about your curb appeal. You’ve seen enough before and after photographs to know that an exterior remodel can completely revitalize the face your home presents to your neighborhood. If you’re considering new siding, windows, or other exterior repairs or upgrades, understanding your proposed project's elements, costs, and timelines will start you on a path to a successful and stunning new view from your driveway.

Understanding an Exterior Remodel Timeline

What are the Steps for an Exterior Remodel?

The steps for an exterior remodel are slightly different, depending on the elements you choose when refacing your home. However, the general order of events is consistent.

  1. Get in touch- Connect with us! We can’t wait to talk to you about your project and audition for your business.
  2. Phone consultation- Send us a few photos of your home’s exterior in advance to have an informed first conversation about your future project. We’ll discuss the details and schedule an in-person site visit when you’re ready to get started.
  3. On-site visit- We walk around your home’s exterior together, take measurements and discuss your project while assessing for special circumstances that we will need to consider when planning. If you are interested in a 3D rendering of your project, we will take photographs to start this process. We recommend a 3D rendering. It’s easy to communicate details when we can all easily visualize the project.
  4. Confirmation of project plan- We submit detailed estimates, 3D drawings (if applicable,) a breakdown of the necessary materials, and your personal exterior renovation timeline. 
  5. Installation- We get to work on your exterior remodeling project when we receive your go-ahead.
  6. Dealing with mother nature- Exterior remodels place our work crews outside. We expect days where the weather interferes with our plan, and we build these into our schedule. 
  7. Final walk-through-  We tour our completed work together. When you’re happy with absolutely every aspect, we pack up and leave you to enjoy!

What are the Steps for an Exterior Remodel?

How Long Does an Exterior Remodel Take?

The timeline for your exterior remodel depends on the elements you include. Everyone’s home exterior renovation timeline is a little different. A comprehensive exterior remodel takes about a month to two months. Siding takes one to three weeks for installation. New windows can often be installed in one to two days. Your contractor will help you understand your construction schedule.

What are the Elements of an Exterior Remodel?

There is no right order or recipe when remodeling a house. Many clients choose their exterior remodeling elements a la carte. You can mix and match exterior remodeling projects to preserve external components that are still in good shape, like your roof or windows. However, keep in mind that completing two smaller projects can be more expensive than completing one larger one. You save on cost when a construction team is already in place and working on your home.

Most exterior remodels include the following elements: 

  • Doors
  • Windows
  • Gutters
  • Roof
  • Soffit and Fascia

What are the Steps for an Exterior Remodel?

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What Does a Home Exterior Remodel Cost?

Your priorities and design choices impact your bottom line, which is why almost every contractor quotes a wide range for a single project. We are confident about our prices and the quality of the work they represent

Here are SmardBuild’s prices for popular exterior renovation projects:



Siding updates can change the face your home shows the world. We advise that clients consider their long-term plans when weighing the up-front investment with the low maintenance and durable lifespan of fiber cement siding. The type of siding you choose will impact your future costs and maintenance needs.

  • Mastic Vinyl Lap siding costs between $13,000  and $15,000.
  • James Hardie Lap siding - This durable medium costs $24,000 and $27,000 for a 2000 square foot home.



Installing new windows can change your home's exterior look and interior feel. Capitalize on energy-efficient windows to see savings in your next energy bill.

  • Vinyl Windows-$750- $850 per window
  • Fiberglass/Wood Windows- $1,300-$1,6,000 per window 
  • Aluminum/Wood Windows- $1,400-$2,200 per window


Gutters and Gutter Guards

Though not as alluring as siding, gutters and gutter guards are an essential upgrade for a functional exterior remodel.

  • 5” Aluminum Gutters with Oversized Overflow- $9 to $11 per linear foot
  • 6” Aluminum Gutters with Oversized Overflow- $12 to $14 per linear foot
  • Aluminum Gutter Guards- $6-9 per linear foot


Soffit and Fascia

The soffit and fascia are the area around your gutters where the roof meets your siding. 

  • Aluminum Soffit and Fascia- $11-14 per linear foot
  • James Hardie Soffit and Fascia- $24-$32 per linear foot
  • Cedar Soffit and Fascia-$ 28-$36 per linear foot

Understanding an Exterior Remodel Timeline

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Mark and his team did a terrific job and I could not be more pleased with the final work! Throughout whole siding installation process I was kept well informed about the progress and what will be next steps in the process. I'm living in Arlington Heights and anyone who is looking for great siding contractor can stop by my house and check their amazing work. I also plan on hiring them again for another siding project. That would be my parent's home. 🙂

Jessica D.

I researched over 30 companies, and had 5 come out to my house to give me estimates to install new vinyl siding. I ended up going with Smardbuild, and I am very happy that I did. They showed up on time, and finished the entire job within a week. And the quality of the work is the best part. They are perfectionists! I have never seen attention to detail like this. They even went above and beyond the job requirements. They installed aluminum flashing around my sliding glass door to make it look nicer, and that was not even part of the job. And to top it off, they installed 2 new wall lanterns that I bought at Home Depot. 

Tim H.

We used Mark and his Smardbuild team to replace our roof, soffits, fascia, siding, upstairs windows, gutters and front door. All work performed is top notch. We went with Hardie soffits and fascia since we had prior issues with carpenter bees drilling holes in our old, wooden soffits. In my opinion Smardbuild is the best with Hardie products. Everything looks great. It took us a while to finally settle on a color for the siding and Smardbuild was quite patient with our process. After having issues with contractors in the past, it was refreshing to work with such a professional team that actually cares about the quality of their work. Thanks Smardbuild.

Peter P.

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